Help! I’m a homeowner in Sunriver and want to put an addition on my home.

First word of advice is don’t start until you have all your Deschutes County and SROA permits. (SROA may be tougher than Deschutes County) Start with your permits from the county and your survey of the approved plan. Then schedule to be on the Sunriver Design Committee’s Review and notification to fellow homeowners. They will want approved plans from the city to review and are more concerned with the outside appearance and space on your lot. Each home must provide enough off street parking ( on a driveway ) to coincide with the number of bedrooms in the home. There are approved paint colors and materials that must be used or your must ask the design committee to alter from their general plan. Your contractors must be approved to work in Sunriver, don’t try to get away with out doing this, they will  fine you. Your contractor must obey Sunriver’s rules as far as noise, parking etc. if not they are fined. Take the time to read the attached Design Manual for Sunriver. You will be glad you did.

For further examples of CC&R’s in Sunriver  see  Sunriver CC&R’s from a Brokers Perspectives

Paint colors in Sunriver

Nightly Rentals in Sunriver

Design Review Manual manual&print=1&docid=212552


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I am a retired school teacher from Las Vegas, Nevada. We relocated to Sunriver for a lifestyle change that we love. I had two careers I wanted to pursue, teaching and helping people find their perfect home. I am enjoying my second career as a Realtor for Prudential Northwest Properties.
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